Operational Characteristic Analysis of PV Generation System for Grid Connection by using a Senseless MPPT Control

S.-J. Lee, K.-H. Kim, H.-Y. Park, H.-R. Seo, M. Park, I.-K. Yu (Korea)


Photovoltaic, POS, MPPT, Senseless Control, Grid Connection


The key of this study about photovoltaic (PV) generation system is to keep output power of photovoltaic cells maximized under any weather conditions. In a conventional MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) control method, both voltage and current coming out from PV array have to be fedback. Thus, the system has a complex structure, and may fail to track MPP of PV array when unexpected weather conditions happen. This paper proposes a novel PV Output Senseless (POS) Control method to solve the mentioned problem. The main advantage of this method is that the current flowing into load is the only one considerable factor. In case of a huge PV generation system, it can be operated much more safely than a conventional system. To verify this theory, results that compare and analyze the simulated data with experimental data under real weather condition of the manufactured PV generation system are shown in this paper. Authors vividly states that this theory uses constant resistors and variable resistors of DC-DC converter in PV system. Authors emphasize that it is a very useful method to maximize power from PV cells to load with only the feedback of load current. Authors also emphasize that this theory is applicable in case of a 1 phase DC-AC converter in PV-system.

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