Energy Saved Neon Sign Lighting Power Supply for Photovoltaic Systems

T. Tanitteerapan, S. Dokpikul, and S. Arunrungrasmi (Thailand)


Photovoltaic, neon lighting power supply, high frequency power transformer, pulse width modulation control


This paper, neo sign lighting power supply for using in a photovoltaic systems was proposed. The proposed power supply was a single switch inverter having very simple circuit implementation. Circuit implementation of the proposed power supply consists of a high frequency transformer, and active switch device. The neon sign lighting is ignited by operation of high frequency power transformer that converts battery VDC 12 V level to high voltage in AC waveform. To verify the proposed power supply, the circuit experiment of the proposed power supply for neon sign lighting having 10 feet of length and 10 millimeters of diameter was applied. The system was controlled by the well-known voltage control mode ICs number TL494 that was set as the fixed frequency and duty ratio controller at 40 kilohertz of switching frequency and 25% of duty ratio. From the experimental results, the neon sign lighting was smoothly ignited at input power as 72 watts with 6 amps of input current.

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