Harmonics Generated by a Distributed Generation System using Wind/Photovoltaic/Fuel Cell with Battery Storage

P. Buasri (Thailand) and Z. Salameh (USA)


Harmonics, wind power, photovoltaic, fuel cell, voltage distortion


This paper investigates the power quality of a grid connected wind/ photovoltaic/ fuel cell distributed generation system (DG) with a battery bank. The sources of harmonics in the DG system under consideration consist of a maximum power point tracker, three rectifiers, a dc/dc controller and an inverter that connects the DG system to the grid. The power quality fed into the line is of concern to the utility grid. The voltage distortion at the connecting point to the utility is studied taking into account the variations in the sun irradiance, wind speed and the amplitude of the inverter current. The investigation shows that under all variations the amplitude of any individual harmonic is below 3%, and the total harmonic distortion THD is below 5% , both figures are within the IEEE recommended standard 519-1992.

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