Development of New Electrode for Fuel Cells Closed Cycle Fuel Cell System

T. Junichirou, Y. Hiroshi, H. Tadahiro, S. Tukioka, S. Ishibashi, T. Sawa, A. Ishikawa, and T. Aoki (Japan)


Nano-Carbon, Platinum, Highly effective cathode, carbere, Carbon nanohorn


It is safe to say that the characteristics of a membrane electrode assembly (MEA) that generates current and water through the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen are critically important for determining the characteristics of fuel cells. We have taken various approaches to develop an MEA with superior power generation efficiency. As a part of these efforts, the current paper describes the measurement results and evaluation of the I-V characteristics by focusing on the MEA manufacturing method. A method of hot-pressing diverse electrode materials applied on carbon papers using an NC machine was developed as a new MEA manufacturing method. In this method, it is possible to enhance the adhesion of the electrode materials to the carbon papers in expectation of improving MEA performance and increasing productivity. We would like to report some interesting reactions in observation of the I-V characteristics and an inspection using SEM in the manufacturing process of this method.

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