Utilization of Agro-based Industrial By-Products for Biogas Production in Vietnam

U. Nguyen Ngoc, H. Berghold, and H. Schnitzer (Austria)


Biogas, agricultural residues, agricultural industrial by products, organic waste, renewable energy


The amount of solid waste generated in Vietnam has been increasing steadily over the last decade, the average amount of waste in 1996 was 5.9 million tons/year, a mere eight years later municipal waste was at 12.8 million tons per year with industrial and agricultural waste contributing another 2.2 million tons annually and those numbers are predicted to increase by over 60% before 2010. The large amount of wastes is a great potential not only for biogas conversion processes but also for further production of commercial energy. The paper presented starts with estimation and analysis of the amounts of organic waste, agricultural residues, agro-based industrial by-products generated from food industrial processes using general data sources for Vietnam. Then he utilization of agro-based industrial by-products and agricultural residues such as from cassava, sweet potato, pine apple residues, organic wastes, manures and others as input materials for biogas production in the anaerobic process are examined at the lab-scale. Further on, optimal experimental conditions are obtained in biogas production processes laying a path to further promising research.

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