Load Forecasting of Residential Row Houses Blocks in Taiwan

R.-J. Wang, H.-T. Lin, and J.-F. Chen (Taiwan)


Load Forecasting, Urban Energy, Residential Block, Town House, Energy Use Intensity (EUI).


The purpose of this paper is to probe into the energy consumption of urban in Taiwan. Through the investigation and analysis of electricity consumption data from residential city blocks, this study discusses the difference of electricity consumption in row houses while they are located in different urban block patterns. There are 59 blocks, which 1,941 houses are included in, chosen to be the samples. Among them, 599 households and 434 commercial uinits are valid samples. The average energy use intensity (EUI ) is up to 33.29kWh/(m2 .yr). Considering azimuth, the average EUI of the west elevated house is 1.33 times than that of the north elevated house. Electricity consumption of air conditioning (AC) in housing accounts for 15.56% of the annual. Furthermore, three prediction equations are proposed in the end. The first is designed for predicting the EUI of household town house, the others are directed against the whole block area. Basing on the confidence of 95%, the R2 is between 0.82 to 0.98.

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