Power Systems Stability with Large-Scale Wind Power Penetration

A. Suwannarat, B. Bak-Jensen, and Z. Chen (Denmark)


Automatic Generation Control, Power Balancing, Power System Stability, Frequency Stability, and Wind Power


Power system starts to face problems when integrating thousands megawatts of wind power, which is produced in a stochastic behaviour due to natural wind fluctuations. The rapid power fluctuations from the large scale wind farms introduce several challenges to reliable operation and contribute to deviations in the planned power generation which may lead to power system control problems. Therefore, adequate models of an Automatic Generation Control (AGC) system which includes large scale wind farms for long-term stability simulation is needed to investigate the capability of regulating power control at different load and production conditions. In this paper, the impacts of large-scale wind power penetration with regard to long-term stability are discussed. Results of the simulation studies are presented with discussions on how the power balance and system reliability with the increased wind power penetration can be maintained.

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