Reactive Power Requirements for Voltage Control of Long Lines

M.S. Raviprakasha and H.L Suresh (India)


Series and shunt compensation, long transmission lines, and maximum power transfer limit.


The increase in the interconnections of power systems with increased demand for power has led to a progressively more complex system. The main concern of long transmission line systems is the maximum power transfer limit. It has been proven very well that series and shunt compensations are the best available methods for increasing the maximum power transfer limit. This is largely due to the fact that the transmission distance can be reduced artificially and hence maximum power can be transferred. This paper pertains to the determination of shunt compensation at the load-end of a long transmission line for maintaining load voltage. The long transmission line model is used to determine the critical power to be transmitted without series compensation. The objective of this paper is to develop a program to determine the required shunt and series compensation on a long transmission line. The paper also evaluates the effect of compensation with respect to maintenance of the load voltage and maximum power transfer limit of the transmission lines.

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