A Boost Converter Design to Improve ASD Ride-through to Voltage DIP

N.X. Melo, R.P.T. Bascop, R.P.S. Leo, and F.L.M. Antunes (Brazil)


Adjustable speed drive, Boost converter, and Voltage dip.


This paper presents the project of a boost converter developed to improve the voltage ride-through of an adjustable speed drive (ASD) to voltage dips. The boost converter aims to support the voltage in the dc link of the drive during voltage dip conditions, allowing the inverter to continue operating and supplying voltage to the motor until the input voltage returns to normal. The non isolated boost converter, 200W, output voltage 300V and input voltage 150-300V, with average current control, regulates the dc bus voltage at the ASD when the voltage falls under 0.9pu improving from 0.65 pu to 0.50 pu the ASD voltage ride-through capability. Simulation results are presented, which prove the effectiveness of the mitigation approach. A cost-benefit evaluation of this alternative is also performed.

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