A Lyapunov-based Current Control for Active Power Filters

C.-C. Hua, C.-H. Li, and C.-S. Lee (Taiwan)


Active power filter, Lyapunov stability, power quality, digital signal processor (DSP)


A Lyapunov-based current control method for active power filter (APF) system is proposed in this paper. The main advantage of this approach is that Lyapunov’s stability analysis can be used to obtain a set of proper parameters for the integral controller. The proposed approach noticeably improves the system performance and has the substantial advantage of a great simplicity of design and implementation. The control strategy based on Lyapunov candidate is discussed in detail and it is shown that the proposed control method is inherently equivalent in structure and provides a general design framework for the model-based harmonic current elimination and reactive power compensation methods. The proposed controller is validated by carrying out some experiment. Simulation and experimental results are given to verify the analysis and demonstrate the control performance.

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