A New FIS-ADALINE Structure for Fast and Accurate Harmonic Components Tracking

M. Joorabian, M. Mohseni, and I. Sadinejad (Iran)


Harmonic components tracking, Adaptive Linear Combiner, Fuzzy Inference System.


This paper presents an integral approach for fast and accurate harmonic component tracking of power signals based on Adaptive Linear Combiner (ADALINE) and Fuzzy Inference System (FIS). The proposed algorithm uses the ADALINE to track the harmonic components of the signal corrupted with decaying DC component and noise. Based on the fact that the convergence speed and steady state error of ADALINE is governed by learning parameter in ADALINE’s weight adaptation rule, a FIS is implemented to appropriate adjustment of learning parameter at each iteration. Several numerical test and simulations have been conducted by MATLAB and PSCAD/EMTDC to show the performance achieved by the proposed technique.

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