Study and Analysis of Technical Losses in Sohar 33 kV Distribution Network

M. Bouzguenda, J.A.K. Bani-Younes, A. Ferrah, A. Tami, and S. Al-Hosni (Oman)


Optimal load flow, technical losses, voltage regulation, feeders, substations, distribution network.


The objective of this paper is to investigate technical losses in the Sohar 33 kV distribution network at peak load. First of all, the characteristics of the 33 kV network were described in the aim of modeling its associated substations, feeders, transformers and capacitor banks. Then, a detailed single line diagram for the grid network suitable for studying technical losses was developed. The single line diagram was built on the basis of field measurements, equipment information and relevant data available from various sources. The obtained single line diagram was then used to simulate the grid in its existing configuration. Then various modifications were introduced in the network and subsequent simulation runs were made. Network modifications involved feeders and transformers with the highest losses in the network. The results for both reference and subsequent simulations were analyzed and discussed in the aim of finding the best scheme to reduce network losses. Best loss reduction scheme is judged based on the loss reduction and voltage improvement levels. The study was concluded with some technical recommendations. These recommendations help to explain in some extent the recent status of the Sohar network and to suggest future network expansion schemes.

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