Metering System and Concept to Measure Public Magnetic Field Exposure in Indoor MV/LV Substations

T. Keikko, R. Seesvuori, and S. Valkealahti (Finland)


Energy and Environment; Magnetic Field Harmonics; Exposure; Measurements


A measurement concept utilizing a new magnetic field exposure metering system has been developed for indoor MV/LV substations. The metering system developed for the measurements follows the guidelines published by the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). It can be used to measure magnetic field values, total harmonic distortion of the magnetic field, magnetic field exposure ratios for public and workers, load current values and total harmonic distortion of the load current. This paper demonstrates how magnetic field and magnetic field exposure behaves in the vicinity of magnetic field sources within the substation and in the neighborhood. Measured magnetic field around the substation components have been used to develop a measurement concept by which long term measurements were performed. Long term measurements reveal dependencies between the measured quantities, which have been be further analyzed.

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