Reducing Heating and Cooling Energy Consumption in the Building using Ceiling Fans

A.A. Nadoushan, A. Abedi, and A. Bahrami (Iran)


Cooling energy, heating energy, ceiling fan, building, reduction


Annual energy consumption in Iran is equal to 80 million tons of oil. 30 to 50 percent of this energy is consumed in the form of electricity. The statistics shows that electricity consumption increases by 17 percent each year. To supply this growing energy requirement, efforts are to make new capacities to generate energy, for example to establish new power plants. But there is another solution for the problem and that is to improve energy consumption efficiency. An efficient way to improve energy consumption efficiency in the building is using ceiling fans. Performing a gentle air flow by the ceiling fan, comfort temperature can be increased from 25 Co to 29 Co . Therefore cooling energy is reduced 39.16 percent per year. Using ceiling fans in the winter spreads the warm air gathered near the ceiling to the sides. It causes heating energy decrease 5.3 percent a year.

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