PMU based Campus WAMS in Japanese Wide-Area Power Systems

Y. Ota, K. Tsuboi, T. Hashiguchi, and H. Ukai (Japan)


PMU, WAMS, Power Outlet Phasor, Power Oscillation, Equivalent Swing Equation, Interconnected Power System Parameter


In order to easily monitor the wide-area power system information covering many power producers, suppliers, and power companies, authors have been developed a PMU (Phasor Measurement Unit) based campus WAMS (Wide Area Measurement System). This WAMS momentarily gather information about the power oscillation affecting the stability of Japanese longitudinal power systems by signal processing of the power outlet phasor. This paper introduces the features of the PMU based campus WAMS, and an availability of the power outlet phasor is validated by comparing the measurements in actual power station and power outlet. As one of the applications, an estimation method of interconnected power system parameters from the monitored power oscillation information is proposed.

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