Test Results of Evaluating Eigen-Characteristics of Interarea Power Swing Mode Derived from PMU Data in Thailand System

K. Higuma, S. Dechanupaprittha, H. Morimoto, M. Watanabe, Y. Mitani (Japan), and I. Ngamroo (Thailand)



The status of Thailand power system in northern, central and southern areas are monitored and collected by using multiple synchronized Phasor Measurement Units (PMUs). An analysis result of oscillation characteristics shows clearly that the power oscillation is observable at a frequency around 0.5Hz between central and southern areas. The power system stability is analyzed by determining eigenvalue from phase difference between central and southern areas. In this paper, the eigen characteristics estimated from the PMU data in the steady state fluctuations have been confirmed by comparing the transient behaviour when a large disturbance occurred in the power system. Accordingly, methods of estimating eigenvalues from system data were examined. As a result, transitions of the stability could be estimated systematically using proposed methods.

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