Analysis of Power System Event using Synchronized PMUs in Thailand Power Network

I. Ngamroo, A. Kunakorn, M. Leelajindakrirerk (Thailand), Y. Mitani, S. Dechanupapritta, M. Watanabe (Japan), P. Jintakosonwit (Thailand), T. Hashiguchi, Y. Ota, H. Ukai (Japan), J. Sakulrat, A. Sode-Yome, and T. Tanasaksiri (Thailand)


Phasor measurement units, Wide-area monitoring, Inter area oscillation, Discrete wavelet decomposition, Short time Fourier transform


This paper applies the synchronized phasor measurement units (PMUs) based wide-area monitoring system to analyze the power system event under the occurrence of large disturbance. The salient feature of the monitoring system is the convenient installation of PMU at 220 V home outlet. The power system event given here is the tripping of High-Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) link between Thailand and Malaysia due to the fault in a thyristor room at Khlong Ngae converter station of Thailand side on July 22, 2005. The discrete wavelet decomposition and short-time Fourier Transform have been applied to analyze the characteristic of the inter-area oscillation between central and southern areas in both time and frequency domains. Analyzed results based on PMUs data are consistent with the actual tie-line power flow between both areas.

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