Application of Wide Area Monitoring System in Thailand Transmission System

N. Voraphonpiput and C. Chaonirattisai (Thailand)


Wide Area Monitoring System, Inter-Area Oscillation, Phasor Measurement Unit


Inter-area oscillation on the tie transmission line between the Central system and the Southern system is one of the important problems in Thailand transmission system which can reduce stability and security of the transmission system. To prevent system from inter-area oscillation, Wide Area Monitoring System (WAMS) was installed at the Central system and the Southern system in 2005 which is utilized to measure phasors between two areas and to estimate system damping in real-time. Additionally, WAMS records can be used to investigate power oscillation event in the system. This paper reports WAMS technology and its applications in Thailand. Past experience and role of the WAMS in Thailand transmission system are presented.

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