Practical Design of SMES Controller for Improving Power System Stability based on Wide Area Synchronized Phasor Measurement

S. Dechanupaprittha, K. Hongesombut, M. Watanabe, Y. Mitani (Japan), and I. Ngamroo (Thailand)


Controller design, superconducting magnetic energy stor age, power system stabilization, wide area system, syn chronized phasor measurement


This paper proposes a practical design of superconducting magnetic energy storage (SMES) controller for improving power system stability based on synchronized phasor measurement. In interconnected power system, load variations with abrupt changes cause fluctuations of tie line power flow and significantly affect its stability. As a promising energy storage device, SMES is utilized as a channel for improving power system stability. In particu lar, SMES controller is designed by taking advantages of the wide area synchronized phasor measurement. More over, a tabusearch algorithm is employed for optimally tuning controller parameters. The estimated model is de termined as an extended coupled vibration model for de tection and assessment of an approximated interarea os cillation mode. Finally, simulation study is carried out to examine and demonstrate the effectiveness of the pro posed design method.

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