Multistage Parallel Interference Cancellation Receiver in a Frequency Selective Layered MIMO Scheme

A.O. Dahmane and A. Fawaz (Canada)


MIMO, V-BLAST, Multistage, Parallel, Successive, Frequency selective channels, antenna array.


Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems have demonstrated enormous potential by employing multiple antennas at both the transmitter and the receiver. In order to take advantage of these systems several layered space time architectures have been proposed. However, to allow high data rate applications, frequency selective BLAST (FS-BLAST) detector has to be used in order to detect signals buried in both co-channel interference (CCI) and inter-symbol interference (ISI). It employs a multiple input single output (MISO) decision feedback structure to detect the distinct layers in a successive manner. Each stream is detected with the entire CCI contribution from every previously detected stream already canceled out. This paper proposes a multistage algorithm based on the parallel detection scheme. The proposed algorithm is more complex than the successive scheme but needs less receiving antennas in order to achieve the same BER performances and hence becomes very attractive.

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