Mobility of Wireless Clients in Agent-based Distributed Event System

O.K. Sahingoz and A.C. Sonmez (Turkey)


Distributed Event Systems, Agent Events, Publish Subscribe and Mobile/Wireless Clients


Event-based middleware is becoming popular for large scale heterogeneous distributed systems because of loosely coupling communication partners, being extremely scalable and providing a simple application programming model. Recent research in the area of event based middleware for the mobile computing domain focuses on infrastructure network models for data communication with mobile clients. With increasing popularity of wireless and mobile handheld devices (PDAs, laptop, mobile phone, sensor nodes and so on), there is a significant demand to extend event based middleware to a mobile/wireless environment. In this paper, we present the mobility of wireless clients in Agent Based Distributed Event System (ABDES), which is an efficient and flexible event dissemination service. ABDES System uses agent events (called as agvents) which are responsible for determining their own paths through the network, selecting target nodes and moving themselves to these targets. This strategy reduces network load, lessens the responsibilities of brokers and contributes to information hiding by embedding event data into mobile agents rather than making them visible to brokers.

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