Name Display for the Wireless Network

S. Ng and Y. Chang (Canada)


Calling Name Database, Global Title Translation , Home Location Register, Number Portability, Mobile Switching Centre, Signalling System 7, Signalling Transfer Point, Transaction Capability Application Part, Visitor Location Register.


Calling Name Display Service has been deployed in the North American PSTN for many years with great success. Name Display Service, along with the Calling Line ID (CLID) Service and Voice Mail are among the most popular features chosen by the public, and they are among the most important and profitable services offered by a telephone service provider. Name Display service has not been available in the wireless network until 2006, when Rogers Wireless launched the service commercially in Canada and became the first major Wireless Service Provider (WSP) to offer the Name Display feature nation wide. This paper provides an overview of the service, the associated network technology and architecture, the underlying technical standards, and network integration and implementation.

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