Bandwidth Efficient Block Coding

S. Faruque and M.J. Mueller (USA)


Error Control Coding, Bandwidth Efficiency Simulation


A modified forward error correction (FEC) technique based on rectangular block coding has been detailed and simulated. The proposed technique parses the input data into two blocks corresponding to ODD parity bock and EVEN parity block, calculates and appends the vertical parity from the columns, and transmits the coded blocks across the channel. Horizontal parity bits from the rows are not calculated since they are ODD and EVEN corresponding to the respective blocks. This technique reduces the number of redundant bits and enhances bandwidth efficiency. Simulation and verification was performed using MATLABâ„¢. To compare the error and bandwidth performance, both the typical and modified rectangular block coding techniques were simulated for various levels of AWGN. Plots of the probability of bit error (Pe) versus energy per bit-to-noise spectral density (EB/No) were constructed. Different block sizes were tested to determine the effect on performance results. The simulation results confirm that the modified rectangular block coding technique achieves better error performance with bandwidth efficiency.

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