Extensions of TETRA to Overcome Control Channel Limitations

P. Plans, C. Gomez, and J. Paradells (Spain)


Control Channel, Dimensioning, PMR systems, and TETRA.


As has already been proved, Professional/Private Mobile Radio (PMR) systems are a suitable solution for emergency services. However, in situations in which there is a high density of users, new digital systems may suffer from congestion in the control channel, mainly due to the recent proliferation of location applications and the use of packet mode data. In this paper, we evaluate the capacity of the control channel of a TErrestrial Trunked RAdio (TETRA) network. We describe the most relevant actions involving the use of the control channel and characterize the impact of each of these actions on the channel by means of an analytical model, the purpose of which is to clearly define control channel operation. Although a TETRA cell may hold enough channels to serve traffic demand satisfactorily, we show numerically that the control channel may be congested and that, as a result of this, it may be creating a bottleneck in the system. We propose a method by which control channel occupation can be decreased whilst a given working load for specific services is guaranteed. We consider that ensuring the delivery of certain services should be one of the main requirements of most PMR users, including public safety and first responders.

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