Reversed Message Authentication Code Chain Broadcast (RMCB) Protocol

A.E. Hegazy, A.M. Darwish, and R. El-Fouly (Egypt)


Ad hoc Networks, broadcast, Cryptography, Security, Wireless Sensor Networks


Wireless Sensor network (WSN) is an active topic in research community. Security is an important part of developing safe systems using WSN. One of the security primitives is secure broadcast. In this paper we propose Reversed MAC Chain Broadcast (RMCB) protocol, a new broadcast protocol for short broadcast sessions. Our objective in this protocol is to eliminate the overhead associated with the broadcast operation in traditional protocols such as ┬ÁTESLA protocol. That overhead may be acceptable for long broadcast sessions while it may be too much for short sessions. RMCB advantages are: 1. No extra overhead in the operations, 2. Time synchronization between source and member nodes is not needed, 3. The need for key chains is eliminated, 4. Reduced buffer size in the member nodes

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