New State Diagram for STBC in Single Carrier Frequency Selective Channels

S. Asoodeh, A. Rezazadeh, and H. Ramezani (Iran)


MIMO Channel, STBC, State Diagram, Single Carrier Frequency Selective Channel, Maximum Likelihood


Up to now, state diagrams of wireless Multi Input-Multi Output (MIMO) Channels in frequency non-selective channels with slow fading has been widely considered, whereas no general state diagram has been presented for space-time codes, yet. However it is so difficult to present a state diagram and survey space-time performance for code words having complicated Structures. In this paper, a new and simple state diagram is presented for Space Time Block Codes (STBC). Proposed state diagram can facilitate analysis of performance of STBC in single carrier frequency selective channels using maximum likelihood receiver. Furthermore some results deduced from implementing this method to study the performance of STBC, are shown.

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