Nonlinear Frequency Offset Estimators for Single Sinusoidal Signals with Time-Varying Envelope

P. Ubolkosold, G.F. Tchere, S. Knedlik, and O. Loffeld (Germany)


Frequency offset, nonlinear leastsquares, extended Kalman filter, CramerRao bound.


In this paper, the problem of extracting frequency offset from single frequency signal with a slowly time-varying amplitude is addressed. Herein two nonlinear frequency offset estimators are presented. The first relies on an ex tended Kalman filter (EKF) approach which is suitable for recursive or on-line processing. The second is derived us ing nonlinear least-squares (NLS) principle which is suit able for batch or off-line processing. The performances, mean-squared error (MSE), of these two estimators are compared to the Cramer-Rao-Bound (CRB). The simula tion results show that EKF has the same performance as NLS at high signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) with less compu tational complexity.

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