Beam Forming in Adaptive Array Antennas

S. Mumtaz (Portugal)


Adaptive array antennas, beamforming, signal quality.


The first part of paper presents brief introduction of DOA (Direction of Arrival) estimation using MUSIC and ESPRIT algorithm. Second part of paper presents new algorithm for beamforming. The algorithm I have proposed for beamforming is similar to SUM & Delay Method. But the resultant beam produced was more accurate with my proposed algorithm. Adaptive array antenna is an antenna system, which uses spatially separated antennas called array antennas and processes the received signals with a digital signal processor. Simply speaking these array antennas can reduce the co channel interference and effectively utilize the bandwidth by steering a high gain in the direction of interest and low gains in the undesired directions, technically this is called adaptive beamforming. This adaptive beamforming enables the base station to form narrow beam towards desired user and nulls towards the interfering user, hence improving the signal quality.

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