A Design of Two-Stage Hybrid ARQ Scheme using LDPC Codes

T.-H. Lo, M.-K. Ku, and C.-Y. Lin (Taiwan)


Hybrid automatic repeat request (H-ARQ), low-density parity-check (LDPC) code, data puncturing (DP), diversity combining (DC)


In this paper, we proposed a type-II hybrid ARQ retransmission scheme using LDPC code. Our two-stage retransmission scheme combines data puncturing (DP) and diversity combining (DC) to achieve better throughput across wide SNR conditions. In high SNR situation, first stage simplified data puncturing is applied to enhance system throughput. Second stage partially retransmission diversity combining ensures graceful throughput degradation for poor channel conditions. Due to its throughput performance and low complexity, the proposed scheme is suitable for the modern high throughput mobile communication system.

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