Broad Band Generation in the C and L Bands using an Erbium Doped Fiber Ring Laser

D. Venkitesh and R. Vijaya (India)


Erbium doped fiber ring lasers, nonlinear effects, broad band generation, line width broadening,


A simple method to generate spectrally broadened output from an erbium doped fiber ring laser is proposed and demonstrated. The mode competition in the homogeneously broadened erbium doped fiber is mitigated by using the nonlinear mixing processes in a dispersion shifted fiber, in tandem with a variable optical attenuator introduced in the cavity. The key advantage of this technique is the absence of specialty fibers and high powers. Spectral spread of up to 29 nm is demonstrated using relatively low pump powers of 220 mW using this method. Tunability of the spread spectrum in the C and L bands is also demonstrated.

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