An Effective Method for Searching Old Replica Holders to Update in Ad Hoc Networks

T. Nishihara, T. Sasama, and H. Masuyama (Japan)


Ad Hoc network, search packet, data sharing, cluster head, flooding


In this paper, we propose an effective method for search ing old replica holders to update the replicas in Ad Hoc networks. In Ad Hoc networks where data items are up dated irregularly, when a mobile host updates a data item, it floods the search packets to every reachable mobile with in validation reports. After the mobile host identifies, the old replica holders which share the data items in cooperation with others, it sends the updated data items to the common holders. This sharing system aims at holding high data ac cessibility in the case of link failures between two mobile hosts. In our new hierarchical search method, when the mo bile host searches the old replica holders, it first sends the search packets to every cluster head in the communication between a neighboring cluster head pair. The clusters then next flood the invalidation reports to every mobile within their own cluster. In this paper, the amount of search pack ets is estimated in the old and new methods, and the new method is recommended.

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