A Novel Methodology to Design Dispersion-Flattened Fiber and Small Bending Loss Simultaneously using GA/CD

A. Rostami, S. Makouei, and M.S. Oskouei (Iran)


Single mode optical fibers, dispersion, bending loss, genetic algorithm, coordinate descent


In this paper, the WII triple-clad based structures as dispersion-flattened optical fiber, suitable for high bit rate optical communications such as DWDM and OTDM, are introduced. The proposed structures have exciting behaviors in terms of dispersion, its slope, and bending loss thanks to a novel design method based on the Genetic Algorithm (GA) and Coordinate Descent (CD) optimization method. The suggested design approach involves a special cost function which includes dispersion, its slope, and bending loss impacts. The proposed algorithm and structure have inherent potential to obtain large dispersion flattened band and extend tolerance of bending loss simultaneously. Meanwhile, an analytical method is used to calculate the dispersion and its slope.

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