Securing Optical Burst Switched Networks

Y. Chen and P.K. Verma (USA)


Optical burst switching, WDM systems and networks, optical network architecture, security, encryption


Optical Burst Switching (OBS) allows variable size data bursts to be transported directly over DWDM links without encountering O/E/O conversion. This paper identifies potential threats to security in OBS networks. To alleviate the security threats, we propose a Secured Optical Burst Switching (S-OBS) framework that, for the first time, brings security measures to the OBS networks. The contributions of the paper are summarized as follows: 1) This is the first paper that identifies the potential security problems in OBS networks; 2) We have proposed a security framework for OBS networks; 3) We have proposed two levels of security measures to be incorporated into OBS networks, namely, authentication of burst headers and confidentiality of data bursts; 4) We have examined the candidate solutions in each category, and suggested the solutions that are well suited to OBS networks.

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