Availability Performance of a Simulated 850 nm FSO/93 GHz MMW Hybrid System

V. Kvicera, M. Grabner, and O. Fiser (Czech Republic)


Hybrid system, free space optical link, availability


Results of a propagation study on a free space optical link at 850 nm on an 850 m long path and on a parallel 93 GHz link from December 2005 to August 2006 are presented. Individual attenuation events were compared with the concurrent meteorological situations and were classified according to the causes of their origin. The records of the observed attenuation events were statistically processed. Cumulative distributions of attenuation due to all hydrometeors together as well as due to individual hydrometeors were obtained. The influences of individual hydrometeors were analysed and the availability performances of the simulated FSO/MMW hybrid link were evaluated. Significantly higher availability performance was achieved for the simulated FSO/MMW hybrid system than for the FSO link alone. Significant diversity gain was obtained for the percentages of time smaller than 1% and the diversity improvement factor reached significant values for attenuation greater than 10 dB.

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