On the Relationship between the FER and the Surplus Bandwidth Allowance in IEEE 802.11E WLAN

C. Dou and Y.-M. Li (Taiwan)


IEEE 802.11e, frame error rate, surplus bandwidth allowance, and channel error probability


This paper proposes an analytical method for calculating the frame error rate (FER) of 802.11e by considering an additional number of retries is allocated to the application to transmit a given number of frames. This additional number of retries may be used to specify the surplus bandwidth allowance (SBA) parameter in the traffic specification (TSPEC) of the traffic stream. Two limiting asymptotes are considered to restrain the FER performance curve. The intersection point of two asymptotes identifies the saturation number of excess retries that the FER performance is approached to its lower bound, limited by the retry limit of the frame or the delay bound of the application. Both asymptote equations are expressed as functions of channel error probability of transmitting a frame. Finally, the relationship between the FER performance and the SBA parameter setting is addressed.

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