Performance Evaluation of On-Demand Multipath Routing Protocols for Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks

H. Zafar, D. Harle, I. Andonovic (UK), and M. Ashraf (Pakistan)


Ad-hoc networks, multimedia applications, multipath routing, goodput, average end-to-end delay, and routing overheads


Typical multimedia applications require highly reliable connections and should not depend upon a single link. On-demand multipath routing protocols for mobile ad-hoc networks, therefore, are crucial in providing resilience to route failures and to successful load balancing. Performance evaluations of on-demand multipath routing protocols have been carried out and contrasted with traditional single-path routing protocols. Results show the superiority of multipath routing protocols under certain scenarios in terms of goodput, average end-to-end delay and routing overheads. Based on the observations, we make recommendations about how the performance of the on-demand multipath routing protocols can be improved.

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