No-Beacon GEDIR: Location-based Ad-Hoc Routing with Less Communication Overhead

M. Watanabe and H. Higaki (Japan)


CNB-GEDIR, NB-GEDIR, Mobile Routing, On-demand Routing Protocol, Ad-hoc Networks, Route Detection


For wireless multi-hop message transmission in ad-hoc net works, sensor networks and mesh networks, on-demand route detection is important due to limited battery capac ity and mobility. For route detection, it is desirable for mobile computers to transmit less control messages; how ever, flooding of a route request message in DSR and AODV or repeated location information advertisement in GEDIR, FACE and GPSR is required. This paper pro poses no-beacon extensions of GEDIR ad-hoc routing pro tocol applying on-demand exchange of location informa tion in NB-GEDIR and timer setting based on distance in CNB-GEDIR. Since both protocols do not require re peatedly broadcasted beacon messages, no communication overhead is required in case that there is no route detection request. In simulation, CNB-GEDIR requires 85.1% less control messages than NB-GEDIR.

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