Self-Localization and Connectivity Maintenance Scheme for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks

J.F. Myoupo and I. Sow (France)


Wireless Sensor Network, Localization, Target Tacking


In this paper, we address one of the fundamental problems in wireless networks, namely tracking. When a sensor detects a target in its transmission range it informs all other sensors by a short message (yes/no) and three sensors are selected among them by an election algorithm. These three sensors use the triangulation algorithm to monitor the roaming path of a moving target. We propose as architecture support a region X which contains the sensors and GPS-free as localization method. We assign to each sensor a unique identify number ID (memorized in its memory) before the random deployment in any geographical area. After the random deployment nodes must collaborate to build network (2D) coordinates system before the target tracking process. We show how to manage critical nodes in order to maintain connectivity. We derive algorithms for collaborative target tracking.

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