Distributed Retransmission Buffer Recovery for Node Failure in Sensor Networks

J. Wang, M. Masilela, and J.C.L. Liu (USA)


Sensor Networks, Buffer Recovery, Node Failure.


In this paper, we examine a pipelined transmission scheme to transport large data files in wireless sensor networks. Our scheme uses a novel flow control method to re duce false retransmission caused by buffer overflow, which severely affects network performance as the network di ameter increases. In particular we investigate a secondary buffer scheme designed to reduce the retransmission over head caused by node failure. We show that the sec ondary buffer guarantees a constant worst-case retransmis sion overhead for a failed node, which is a significant improvement over the O(N) retransmission overhead for non-secondary-buffered schemes. Simulation results show that the proposed scheme significantly increases network efficiency.

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