A Hardware Efficient Algorithm for Cellular Mobile Positioning Calculation

M. Najiminaini, E. Doukhnitch, M. Salamah, and I. Kale (Turkey)


Vector rotation, Location determination, Hardware Oriented Algorithm.


One of the important features of a cellular mobile phone is to find the position of a mobile in the 3G wireless communication systems. It will help people to know their position opening the way to reach other valuable location based services. All location determination techniques, which are based on cellular system signals and global position system (GPS), use standard trigonometric complex computation methods that are usually implemented in software. In this paper, we propose two possible hardware oriented algorithms that use just simple add, shift and subtract operations in finding the location of a mobile hence resulting in efficient hardware implementation. The first proposed algorithm is called SDD [1]. In addition, we propose a new version which is further simplified and results in a reduction in the computational cost in comparison to SDD. As a result of simulation the computational cost and error in distance (meters) for the traditional algorithm, SDD algorithm, and proposed algorithm are compared.

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