Enhanced MAC Algorithm for Low Latency Applications in Beaconless CSMA/CA Ad Hoc IEEE 802.15.4 LR-WPANS

A. Athanasopoulos, C. Antonopoulos, E. Topalis, and S. Koubias (Greece)


WPANs, QoS, IEEE 802.15.4


There are various standards for ad hoc wireless networks, like Bluetooth and WiFi (IEEE 802.11b) of the IEEE 802.11 family that accommodate mid to high data rates for voice, PC LANs, video, etc. Furthermore, up to now none wireless network standard meets the unique needs of sensors and control devices. Sensors and controls don't need high bandwidth and hence high data rates. However, some industrial or medical applications do need low latency and very low energy consumption for long battery lives due to their mobile nature. In this article, a novel architecture providing low latency to beaconless CSMA/CA IEEE 802.15.4 LR wireless personal area networks is presented.

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