A New Criterion for MPR Selection in the OLSR Protocol

N. Enneya, A. Baayer, and M. Elkoutbi (Morocco)


Ad hoc networks, OLSR protocol, Multipoint Relays, Mo bility Quantification


The Optimized Link State Routing (OLSR) protocol, is an optimization of link state protocols designed for mobile ad hoc networks. OLSR is suitable for large and dense ad hoc networks. In the process of learning routes, it bases the flooding technique by using multipoint relays (MPR) which make it possible to reach all nodes in the network with a limited number of broadcasts. We present in this pa per an improvement of the process of MPR selection based on mobility quantification which can be periodically calcu lated during the exchange of HELLOs messages. We aim to select stable (less mobility) nodes as MPRs.

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