Service Rate Determination for Group of Users with Random Connectivity Sharing a Single Wireless Link

H. Al-Zubaidy, I. Lambadaris, and J. Talim (Canada)


Server sharing, QoS, Random connectivity, Stochastic modelling.


In this paper, stochastic modelling is used to find the average service rate per user in a wireless system. The users in the system share the same wireless link but with dif ferent random dynamic channel connectivity. The system was modelled by L queues competing for the service of the same server. At each time epoch, a queue will be connected with a fixed probability and not-connected otherwise. The connected users can share the server capacity simultane ously. The model then solved for L = 2 to find the share that each user should get to achieve the required long run average service rate. This methodology can be used to implement differentiated services in wireless and mobile networks where the wireless channel is expected to fluc tuate randomly in time between ON and OFF states.

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