Protection against Large Power Excursion in Network Failures

W. Lin, R.S. Wolff, and B. Mumey (USA)


Amplifier transients, Transient protection, AOGC EDFA, AOGC EDWA


We propose a transient protection controller (TPC) that can work in conjunction with conventional in-line amplifiers in suppressing transients in case of network failures such as fiber cuts or equipment outages. The TPC is installed at wavelength routing nodes, and injects a temporary transient protection signal onto the affected optical links, enabling the in-line amplifiers to more rapidly adjust to the new power level. The design of the TPC is simple and its performance is verified to be effective by numerical simulation. It is especially useful for all-optical gain clamped amplifiers and in upgrading existing links. The application of the TPC in large mesh all-optical networks can greatly decrease system costs by adding effective protection to conventional optical amplifiers.

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