Design of 3.125Gb/s Transimpedance Amplifier using CMOS Technologies for XAUI (eXtended Attachment Unit Interface)

S.-H. Kim and S.-B. Cho (Korea)


CMOS, regulated cascode (RGC), HSPICE, trans impedance amplifier


A 3.125Gb/s transimpedance amplifier(TIA) is realized in a 0.25μm standard CMOS technology. The amplifier consists of the fully differential regulated-cascode configuration, achieving the transimpedance gain of 59.3dBΩ, the –3dB bandwidth of 3.125GHz for 0.2pF photodiode capacitance, and the average noise current spectral density of 21 Hz/pA . The TIA dissipated the power consumption of 16mW in total from a single 2.5V supply. The whole chip occupies the area of 210 x 60µm2 .

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