High Pump Efficiency Tunable Fiber Lasers based on Optical Circulator and Fiber Bragg Gratings

S.-K. Liaw, W.-Y. Jang, C.-J. Wang, K.-L. Hung, T.-F. Wu (Taiwan)


Lasers, passive component, fiber laser, tunable laser, optics communications and switches


We propose and demonstrate a tunable fiber laser based on an optical circulator (OC) and two tunable fiber-Bragg-gratings (TFBGs). The OC acts as a pump power router to improve the pumping efficiency, and there is a 4% increase in overall conversion efficiency observed. The overall tuning spectra range of two TFBGs could cover the entire C-band spectrum from 1530 to 1560 nm. Over 10 dBm output power of a laser could be generated by using 1.9 meter of EDF and TFBGs with 50% reflectivity. With power equalization by using variable optical attenuators (VOAs), the power variation is less than 0.1 dB in the whole C band with narrow line width of 0.05 nm. The signal to noise ratio (SNR) of laser is 60 dB, and the continuous tuning resolution of laser is only 0.2 nm. The TFBGs based tunable fiber lassr can be as a promising light source for wavelength division multiplexing (WDM) transmission and fiber sensor applications.

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