A SIP-based Roaming Protocol for Heterogeneous Multi-Operator Wireless Networks

O.S. Gaitán, P. Martins, J. Demerjian, and S. Tohmé (France)


heterogeneous roaming, wireless convergence, SIP, broker based architectures, next generation wireless.


The evolution of unlicensed wireless technologies such as WiFi or WiMAX have influenced next generation networks to adopt them as extensions of cellular networks. Nowa days, it is not surprising to see heterogeneous wireless net works coexisting on a daily basis i.e. UMTS, WiFi, and WiMAX. Unfortunately, some technical issues and the lack of roaming agreements between network operators prevent interoperability. One of the goals of the so-called wire less convergence is to enable service mobility between het erogeneous wireless networks. In this context, we propose in this article a SIP-based Roaming Signaling protocol for heterogeneous multi-operator wireless networks. Our ob jective is to provide QoS-aware heterogeneous roaming in multi-operator environments with minimal changes in cur rent wireless architectures.

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