Simulation Study of Media Streaming Performance on an IEEE802.11g WLAN

G. Bai and X. Huang (PRC)


Multimedia, IEEE802.11g WLAN, Network Performance.


Research shows that the characteristics of wireless communication degrade the performance of the network architecture and protocols, and especially identify significant challenges for providing QoS guarantees for real-time multimedia applications in wireless networks. The purpose of this paper is to study and improve the performance of media streaming in an IEEE802.11g WLAN environment. This work begins with a series of performance simulation experiments in NS2. We analyze and investigate the performance bottleneck of wireless media streaming thoroughly and identify the reasons of performance degradation. On this basis, an active frame dropping strategy for performance improvement is proposed. Our simulation results show that this strategy alleviates the performance bottleneck and improves the performance of media streaming in wireless networks significantly.

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