A Realistic Approach for Energy-Saving Permutation Routing Protocol in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks

D. Karimou and J.F. Myoupo (France)


Permutation Routing Problem, Ad Hoc Mobile Networks, Wireless Networks, Energy-Saving.


Nowadays, one of the challenges in the development of wireless networks is how to conserve energy during operations. Applications in mobiles Ad Hoc Network are growing rapidly. But these applications have maximum utility only when mobiles can be used anywhere, at anytime. In order, to maximize battery life of the nodes, a large variety of protocols are proposed which conserve energy during the initialization phase. A randomized Efficient-Energy protocol and an Energy saving protocol are proposed respectivilty in [3, 6] which manage energy during the phase of initialization. Also in [1, 8], an Efficient-Energy protocols are proposed which manage energy during the phase of permutation routing. In this paper, we propose an energy-saving permuta tion routing protocol. Contrary of the algorithms in [1, 8], this protocol does not impose any restriction on k. More over, in any way a station does not know the destination stations of data items in this approach.

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