Enhanced Hold-Mode-based Inter-Piconet Scheduling in Bluetooth Scatternets

C.-F. Hsu, S.-M. Hsu, and C.-Y. Liu (Taiwan)


piconets, scatternets, bridges, inter-piconet scheduling


This paper concerns itself with the performance improvement of inter-piconet scheduling. In the past, most literatures on this subject assumed that the scatternet topology is static. However, this assumption is not reasonable as it is not rare to a scatternet that a Bluetooth device moves in its coverage range. Consequently, we aim at an arbitrary-sized scatternet with dynamic joined Bluetooth devices in our work. Intuitively, the more associated piconets a bridge has, the heavier load it deals with. Hence, we proposed an enhanced inter-piconet scheduling scheme which can eliminate the side effect brought by minimum piconets. In particular, neither Bluetooth specification modification nor any extra devices is needed to integrate our proposed scheme. Finally, the simulation results show the superiority of our proposed scheme in average delay and throughput.

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